Precautions/checklist for coastal waters / traffic seperation schemes navigation

Navigation Checklist in Coastal Waters and Traffic Separation Scheme (TSS) is to be completed by the officer on Watch once per Watch and a Log Entry made.

Have the following factors been taken into consideration in preparing the passage plan.

  • All charts & nautical publications to be used been corrected up to date.
  • Advise / recommendations in sailing directions.
  • Ship’s draught.
  • Effect of “Squat” on underkeel clearance in shallow water.
  • Tides & currents.
  • Weather particularly in areas renowned for poor visibility.
  • Available navigational aids & their accuracy.
  • Position-fixing methods to be used.
  • Daylight / night-time passing of danger points.
  • Traffic likely to be encountered – flow, type, volume.
  • Any requirements for traffic  seperation / routeing schemes.
  • Are local / coastal warning broadcasts being monitored?
  • Is participation in area reporting systems recommended?
  • Have courses been laid off well clear of obstructions?
  • Is the ship’s position being fixed at regular intervals?
  • Are the errors of gyro/ magnetic compasses being checked regularly?
  • Is the echo-sounder properly set and switched on where required?