Precautions / Checklist for navigation in heavy weather or in tropical storm areas

  1. Have the following been informed?
    • Engineroom
    • Crew
    • Master
  2. Have all movable objects been secured at the following locations?
    • On deck.
    • Below deck.
    • Ports, dead lights.
  3. Have speed and course been adjusted as necessary?
  4. Has the crew been warned to avoid upper deck areas made dangerous by the weather?
  5. Have Safety lines / Hand ropes been rigged when necessary?
  6. Have all cargo lashings been checked and tightened?
  7. Has ballast been adjusted to reduce free surface effect and are draft, trim, and stability conditions adequate?
  8. Have you inspected anchor stowage, lashing and stoppers of anchors and chain?
  9. Are two power units for the steering gear ready to be used?
  10. Has the vessel’s course and speed been adjusted as necessary (on masters orders), in order to minimize adverse effects of heavy weather?
  11. Have all openings such as W/T doors / vents/ ports/ chain pipes/ sounding pipes etc are all closed securely?
  12. Have instructions been issued on the following matters:
    • Transmitting weather reports to the appropriate authorities or, in the case of tropical storms, danger messages in accordance with SOLAS 1974 chapter 5 regulation 2a.      
    • Monitoring weather reports
  13. Secure the ship’s accommodation and close all ports and dead lights.