Precautions / checklist for deep sea / ocean waters navigation

This Checklist is to be completed by the 2nd Officer at least once per day and a Log Entry made. 
  • Have All Charts & Nautical Publications to be used been corrected upto date.
  • Are Navarea Warning Broadcasts being monitored.
  • Is participation in Area Reporting Systems (Eg. AMVER ) recommended.
  • Is the ship’s position being fixed at regular intervals & at Least once daily.
  • Are Errors Of Gyro / Magnetic Compasses being checked once a watch.
  • The barometer is regularly observed and changes to the local weather being monitored.
  • Practice celestial navigation regularly.
  • Always post a lookout if a bridge task is time consuming.
  • Practice Radar techniques ( in clear  visibility).
  • Monitor Radio communication for routine message.
  • Make preparation for landfall,
  • Ensure that emergency channels are operational and being monitored.
  • Keep records upto date.