List of publication used During passage planning for Intended voyage ?

The list of publications to be consulted when planning an Ocean Passage are as follows:-
  1. Ocean Passages for the World
  2. Mariner’s Handbook
  3. Chart catalogue
  4. NP 5011
  5. Routeing chart
  6. Ocean Current charts and current atlases
  7. Ice Charts
  8. Sailing Directions
  9. Admiralty Tide Tables
  10. Admiralty List of Lights and Fog Signals
  11. Admiralty List of Radio Signals
  12. Distance Tables
  13. Guide to Port Entry
  14. Weekly Notice to Mariners
  15. Annual Summary of Notices
  16. M-Notices
  17. Navigation warnings (T & P Notices).
  18. IMO Ship’s Routeing
  19. Nautical Almanac
  20. Sight Reduction Tables
  21. Norie’s Tables
  22. Collision Regulations and INTERCO
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