How to indicate or make signals for course and bearing as per International Code of Signals Or INTERCO?

Azimuth or Bearing

Azimuth or bearing is expressed in three figures denoting degrees from 000 to 359, measured clockwise. If there is any possibility of confusion, the figures should be preceded by the letter A. They are always true unless expressly stated to be otherwise.


LW 005—I received your transmission on bearing 005°. LT A120 T1540—Your bearing from me is 120° at (local time) 1540.


Course is expressed in three numerals denoting degrees from 000 to 359, measuring clockwise. If there is any possibility of confusion, the numerals should be preceded by the letter C. They are always true unless expressly stated to be otherwise.


MD 025—My course is 025°. GR C240 Sl8—Vessel coming to your rescue is steering course 240°, speed 18 knots.


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