How Risk Assessement is done on board ?

Risk Assessments should be completed using the “JOB RISK ASSESSMENT”.

 The process is as follows:

  • List out all possible job risks and associated risks.
  • Assess the probability of occurrence using the table.
  • Assess the seriousness of the risks identified.
  • Determine the resultant risk from the matrix.
  • For high risks, identify the preventative and mitigating actions that would help reduce the probability and consequences of the hazard occurring.
  • For medium risks, put in place additional control measures and monitoring process.
  • If the revised resultant falls within the High Risk band, the task shall not commence until the Office has been informed advice / assistance sought and approval obtained from TPM senior management.
  • The completed Risk Assessment shall be discussed at the toolbox meeting.

On completion of the Risk Assessment, if the team is satisfied that the task can be undertaken safely and within acceptable risk levels then:

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