How hold preparation is done after discharging coal on ships?

Hold cleaning after discharging Coal

After discharging Coal or pet coke, which leave staining, it is often necessary to use heavy-duty alkaline detergents, which are applied as an emulsion, need time to take effect and are rinsed away with seawater. Aquatuff High Foam is a heavy alkaline cleaner with good foaming qualities which is specially developed for cargo hold cleaning.
If using chemicals for cleaning, reference should be made to the safe data sheet concerning safety precautions and handling.

Regulations for Disposal of Cargo Residues

  1. While disposing Cargo residues and Wash down water, the Chief should ensure that MARPOL 73/78 are strictly followed.
  2. MARPOL 73/78 Annex V requires that all ships of 400 GT and above have an approved Garbage Management Plan and a Garbage record book
  3. Cargo residues, wash water and wash water containing chemicals which are Harmful to the Marine Environment (HME) must be identified as such and disposed of in the correct manner. From 1 January 2013,
  4. New requirements under MARPOL annex V have come into force, which specifically apply to the disposal of cargo residues and wash water in to the marine environment. All persons involved in the cargo chain must familiarise themselves with these requirements. They basically state that:
    • No discharge of cargo residues should occur less than 12 nautical miles from the nearest land, or the nearest ice shelf.
    • No discharge of cargo residues should occur within the MARPOL defined ‘Special Areas’.
    • No discharge of any cargo residues specified as HME.
  5. Hold wash water should be discharged to a suitable reception facility (RF).
  6. Any cargo residues and wash-down water disposals or discharges should be recorded as Garbage Category 4 in the Garbage Record Book, and the entries should include start and stop positions.
Washings containing hold cleaning Chemicals

These chemicals could be in themselves be pollutants. If the substance falls within Annex 1 (Oil) or Annex II (Noxious Liquid Substances), then then the washing will have to be disposed to the Annex requirements.

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