Safety Oral (FUNCTION – 3)

  What are Noxious liquid substances as per MARPOL? What are the classification of noxious liquid substances and their discharge criteria? 12. Define garbage as per MARPOL. What are the categories of garbage? Whether cooking oil can be burnt in incinerator? 13. What is the difference in bilge discharge between special and on special area? 14. What is ODMCS? Explain with regulation as per MARPOL. 15. Draw the diagram of OWS and explain starting procedure of OWS and testing of 15 ppm  alarm. 16. What is slop tank requirement? 17. What is margin line and its regulation? 18. What preparations you will do before bunkering? Bunker comes under which annex? 19. What is NOx technical file? What entries are made in it? 20. What entries are made in garbage record book? 21. What entries are made in oil record book 1 & 2? 22. What are the methods to reduce SOx  & NOx  onboard? 23. Explain bunker delivery note. What information is there in BDN? What is the regulation regarding storage of bunker sample? 24. What is SOPEP? Name some SOPEP equipments. What is SOPEP regulation as per SOLAS? 25. You see oil spill around your ship. What actions you will take? 26  How will you test working of OILY water separator? Explain working of oily water separator? 27. Explain IOPP certificate and its content. 28. Explain COPT system. Explain alarms and trips of COPT system. 29. What are the MARPOL equipments? 30. What is VOC? What is sweet crude and sour crude? 31. What is ODS?  What entries are made in ODS record book? Which ships are exempted from ODS? 32. What is loadicator? 33. What are the certificates issued under MARPOL? 34. Explain EEDI and SEEMP. 35. What are the safeties on framo pump? 36.  What maintenance or checks are done on framo pump before and after cargo discharging? 37. What is the use of framo feed pump and how it works? 38.  Where is the location of heater in framo pump system and how we heat the oil? 39. Why we carry out purging in framo pump? At which location, purging is carried out? 40. Where can we check framo pump pressure? Where is that particular gauge? 41.  Where is Framo motor located? 42. What are regulations of IMDG code? 43. What is MSDS? 44. Which annex is applied on chemical lockers on your ship?


1. Name all chapters of SOLAS. How SOLAS came into being?
2. What is standard fire test? Explain A-60, A-30, B-60, B-30 bulkheads.
3. Which ships are exempted from SOLAS regulations?
4. What are the pyrotechnics used onboard? Where is it kept and their numbers?
5. Explain lifeboat lowering procedure.
6. What is lifeboat and rescue boat lowering and hoisting time?
7. What is the difference between lifeboat and rescue boat?
8. What is the intensity of buoyant smoke signal and rocket parachute?
9. What is SART frequency , on which RADAR is it seen? Regulation of SART.
10. What is the frequency of EPIRB? Regulation of EPIRB.
11. What are the types of RADAR?
12. Explain the use of LTA and its regulation.
13. Explain LSA plan with regulations.
14. Explain FFA plan with regulations.
15. What is new ship and existing ship?
16. Why crude oil washing (COW) is used?
17. What is the regulation of COW?
18. What is the regulation of ETA (emergency towing arrangement) and its use?
19. Name the certificates under ISM?
20. Explain ISM in full detail. What is DOC  and SMC? What is the validity of interim DOC and SMC? What is DPA?
21.  Explain ISPS code. Role of SSO, CSO. What is citadel? Explain SSAS (ship security and alert system) with regulation. Explain Ship Security Plan and security levels in ISPS code.
22. What is declaration on security?
23. What is the role of PFSO?
24. What is ship identification number and continuous synopsis record? What does it contain and comesunder which chapter of SOLAS
25. What is inert gas requirement as per SOLAS?
26. What is the composition of inert gas? Draw the diagram of inert gas system onboard your ship.
27.  Draw the diagram of PV valve, explain its working. What is the difference between PV valve and improved high lift safety valve? PV valve and PV breaker working pressure. Full detail of all IG equipments. What are the trips and alarms in IG system?
28. What are the safety devices in IG system?
29. Explain different types of deck seal with diagram.
30. Explain pump room regulation as per SOLAS. What is the capacity of pump room blower?
31. How do you come to know whether ISM and ISPS is applied on your ship or not?
32. What action you shall take in case of fire on incinerator platform?
33. Which fire extinguisher is kept on boiler platform?
34. Draw the diagram of hypermist system with diagram. What happens when hypermist tank gets empty?
35. How to operate DCP extinguisher?
36. How to operate CO2 extinguisher?
37. Why do we make CO2 room ventilation? Where is its location?
38. How to extinguish engine control room small electrical fire?
39. Draw and explain sprinkler system with diagram and various bulbs used in sprinkler system.
40. Draw and explain CO2 fire fighting system. How many CO2 cylinders on your ship?
41. What are the safety devices on CO2 fixed installation?
42. What are safety device on life boat?
43. What measures you will take to fight cargo hold fire?
44. What is the regulation regarding CO2 system? How CO2 required is calculated? How will you come to know that 85% of CO2 has been released? Maintenance on CO2 system.
45. How to release CO2 gas from fixed installation to machinery space?
46. Draw flammability diagram? What is LFL and HFL?
47. Draw and explain pump room fire fighting system. What is the duration of testing of foam sample?
48. Draw and explain fixed fire fighting system of your main deck.
49. Draw and explain fixed fire fighting system of cargo hold of your ship.

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