Explain various advantages and disadvantages of C.O.W and how often is it carried out?

CRUDE OIL WASHING:- This section summarises the objectives and prescribes the procedure for the crude oil washing (COW) of cargo tanks,

The Master is responsible for monitoring and verifying compliance with this procedure.

Purpose of Crude Oil Washing:-

The objectives of the introduction of the COW system can be said:

  1. Rationalization of tank cleaning operations.
  2. Rationalization of cargo work including complete discharge of crude oil; and
  3. Prevention of marine pollution by minimizing the amount of residual oil retained on board.
  4. Formation of was coatings and resultant prevention of corrosion inside tank.

Cargo Grade Oil used for Crude Oil Washing:-

1) Selecting Oil for COW :- The following points should be taken into account for deciding what grade of oil to use for crude oil washing:

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