1. On 31st Aug 2008, PM at ship in DR 10˚15’S 000˚ 00’, the sextant altitude of the sun’s LL was 34˚ 54.0’ when the chron (error 01m 20s FAST) showed 03h 11m 30s. If IE was 1.5’ on the arc & HE was 17m, find the direction of the LOP and the longitude where it cuts the DR latitude.
GMT     31 August 15h  10m  10s

GHA (31d 15h)      044˚  58.0’                                           Dec         N  08˚  21.4’
Incr. (10m 10s)     002˚  32.5’                                           d(-0.9)                 00.2’
GHA                       046˚  30.5’                                           Dec         N  08˚  21.2’
Lat                            10˚  15’ S

Sext Alt                              34˚ 54.0’
IE (on)                            (-)       01.5’
Observed Alt                    34˚ 52.5’
Dip (HE 22m)               (-)        07.3’
App Alt                            34˚ 45.2’
T Corrn. LL                  (+)       14.6’
T Alt                                34˚ 59.8’


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  • 2nd and 3rd point of the note is also wrong. Correct one is when the sun (and star) is east of the meridian it’s AM, at that time LHA is between 180-360 so P= 360°-LHA. when the sun and (the star) is west of the meridian at that time LHA is between 0°-180° , and LHA=P . Correct ans of the question is P= 49°38.8°… long=175°15.8°…. az=N80.1W or 279.9° true

  • The value of P is wrong. It should be 52°0.1′. Hence LHA would be 52°0.1′ and longitude = 004°29.6’E

    • Calculate latitude course and speed error for following ship
      A)ship steering 230°T at 22.0 knots in latitude 41°24S
      B)ship steering 140°T at 15.0 knots in latitude 56°00N
      Please solve this problem argent machinical project hy

  • solutions of formula cosP is wrongg … it matches the ans in the textbook bt when we try to solve it ans is slight different.. so it is humble request to u to pls correct the answers because students are facing difficulties when trying to get help from youe site …

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