Discuss CAP or Condition Assessment Program in detail ?

Detail of CAP (Condition Assessment Program) are as follow –

Ship’s conditions can remain of a good level throughout their service lives if they are operated in an appropriate manner, the current state of construction and equipment of each ship or structure are clearly understood, and inspections and maintenance are carried out regularly and properly.

The CAP applies, in principle, to oil tankers and chemical carriers, though other types of ships may be covered, provided that the CAP is properly modified.

Ships should be surveyed periodically to verify that they are maintained in an acceptable condition in accordance with international conventions, the Rules of Classification societies, etc.

Detailed ship conditions, however, can not usually be all assessed by the regular surveys. A detailed assessment of ship condition is very important for the owner’s maintenance program through a ship’s service life.

The NK Condition Assessment Program(CAP) is a specialized survey program which offers owners a detailed assessment of a ship’s actual condition, based on strength evaluation, and fatigue strength analysis as well as a detailed on site systematic inspection of the hull, machinery and cargo systems. With the CAP, owners can be confident that they have an accurate assessment of the ships actual condition, especially as far as the condition compares with the normal Class requirements.

The CAP consists of two major parts which can be applied independently depending on the needs of the applicant.

(1) CAP-HULL (Condition Assessment for Hull Structures).

(2) CAP-MACHINERY/CARGO SYSTEM (Condition Assessment for Machinery and Cargo Systems) .

The results of condition assessment are clearly identified using a rating system. The definitions corresponding to each rating are indicated below.


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