Checklist/Precautions for Mooring preparations

  1. Ensure all personnel are wearing the correct PPE.
  2. Are all mooring gear and equipment ready for use and well maintained according to the maintenance plan?
  3. Check and maintain good communication at all times with bridge and obtain permission to go stations.
  4. Obtain power on deck.
  5. Ensure adequate lighting is required on mooring decks.
  6. An experienced winch operator must be used at all times and winches must be conditionally tended.
  7. Prepare winches, remove covers, put into gear and test operation.
  8. Unstow, wires, ropes, stoppers, fenders, heaving lines, gant lines, messengers, rat guards etc make ready for use.
  9. Never stand in the bight of a rope and always maintain a position of safety.
  10. Be aware of the dangers of back-lash if a man made fiber rope parts.
  11. Ensure sufficient number of men are available at each end of the vessel during mooring operations.
  12. Find out mooring plan from master.
  13. Make own plan on how to propose to achieve masters plan.
  14. Brief all persons about mooring plan to make sure that they fully understand it.
  15. Wires must not be used directly from a fixed real. It should be flaked out before use.
  16. Checks all roll on and fair leads for dangers and smooth operation to avoid rope damaging.
  17. Leads must not be too sharp, in case of wires a snatch block can be used to impose the lead.
  18. Never put rope and wire on same bit / lead together. Do not put eye of rope or wire on the bit.
  19. Put wires as per DTP approved manner.
  20. Two men on barrel, one handling, one coiling down.
  21. Never handle rope and winch control at same time.


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