Checklist for MARPOL 73/78 Annex 1survey ?

Part 1 – All Ships

General – All Ship Types

AA.1 Have any alterations been made or any new equipment installed?

AA.2 Are all other Statutory Certificates and Classification Certificates valid?

BB Documentation – All Ship Types

BB.1 Are type approval certificates onboard for the following:-

BB.1.1 Oil filtering equipment (15 ppm equipment).

BB.1.2 Oil content meter (15 ppm alarm).

BB.1.3 Process units (ancillary unit attached to 100 ppm equipment to convert it to 15 ppm equipment)

BB.2 Is Part I of the Oil Record Book onboard and have appropriate and regular entries been made?

BB.3 Is there an approved Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plan or a Shipboard Marine Pollution Emergency Plan on board? Approval date CC

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