Checklist for environmental audit on ships ?


M.V/ M.T                                                        DATE_____________________________

AUDITOR:                                                                                                           PORT_____________________________


NOTE: Any item marked in the “N” column below  must be supported by suitable remarks/explanations in the Auditor’s report.


S.No Code Item Y N
1. EMP01  Is Environmental Policy available on board. QSM 2.4.1
2. EMP02 Are environmental aspects identified during regular activities , SQP 22.3
3. EMP03 Is Environmental Management Program available for aspects which can have significant impact on the environment, ESSQP 22.3.2

Vessel comply with requirement of Annex 1 MARPOL 73/78 ,   SQP

Vessel comply with requirement of Annex 2 MARPOL 73/78     SQP

Vessel comply with requirements of Annex 3 MARPOL 73/78   SQP

Vessel comply with requirements of Annex 4 MARPOL 73/78   SQP

Vessel comply with requirements of Annex 5 MARPOL 73/78   SQP

Vessel comply with requirements of Annex 6 MARPOL 73/78   SQP


4. EMP04 Anti fouling paints containing tributylin compounds are not used on board vessel, SQP (n)
5. EMP05 Are purifiers on board maintained as per manufacturer maintenance schedule SQP 223.2.3

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