Checklist for Anchoring and Anchor watch

  1. Has an Anchoring Plan been prepared and taken into account.
    • Direction / Strength Of Wind, Current.
    • Tidal Stream when manoeuvring  at low speeds.
    • Need for adequate sea room particularly to seaward.
    • Speed reduction  in ample time.
  2. Have the following been informed of the time of ‘Stand-By’ for Anchoring?
    • The Engine Room.
    • The Anchor Party.
    • The Master.
  3. Is the following equipment ready for use?
    • Lights / Shapes.
    • Sound Signalling Apparatus.
    • Anchor
  4. Has an anchor watch been established?
  5. Have instructions been issued to the officer of the watch / Engine Room on the following matters?
    • Notice for main engines especially if weather deteriorates.
    • Determining and regular checking of anchor position.


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