Action when ice is sighted by Duty Officer or Officer on Watch ?


  • All ice is dangerous to navigation and should be reported to Master immediately on sighting.
  • The OOW should alter the course away from the immediate danger in accordance with SI No.534.
Subsequent actions by OOW
  • Plot the position of the Ice, observe and note description.
    • Estimate size of the ice cake.
    • Take care when position fixing with fast ice.
    • Avoid totally if possible – unlike brash ice.
  • Enter a statement into the logbook with time and dates.
  • Engine room on immediate standby, if not already on this position.
  • Post extra lookouts and brief them regarding ice sightings and recognition.
  • Revert to manual steering.
  • Obtain latest Ice reports and compare with chart limits.
  • Reduce speed and approach with extreme caution, if unavoidable.
  • Keep Master informed of the progress.
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Obligatory reports are required from masters of ships which encounter dangerous ice on route.

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