Action in Case of Suspicious Movement or Pirates Attack ?

In case of suspecious movement or pirates trying to board the vessel, steps to be followed:

  1. Inform master & E/Room.
  2. Raise the emergency alarm signal and address on PA “SHIP UNDER PIRATE ATTACK”. ALL CREW TO PROCEED TO SECURED AREA sound the whistle.
  3. Change over to hand sterring and post extra lookouts on bridge.
  4. Emergency means of communication to be located (carried to)the secured area.
  5. Establish VHF contact with coast station and other ships in vicinity.
  6. REQUEST ASSISTANCE From Local Port Authority , Police ,Coast Guard & Navyas necessary.
  7. If possible speed up & carry out evasive maneuvers.
  8. Direct search lights on the craft & possibly blind the craft.
  9. Fix time & position of attack.

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Follow up actions & response to actual attack:

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