Action in case of power failure during cargo operation in oil tankers

Officer on Watch shall report the power failure to the Chief Officer and Engineer on duty, summon other officers for help and carry out the following:

  1. Instruct deck watch crew to confirm operating condition of both ESD (Emergency Shut Down) valves (when ESDS is fitted) at the Manifold and Shore side ERS (Emergency Release System),
  2. Inform terminal representative without delay of the stoppage of cargo handling due to power failure.
  3. Confirm all valves condition (open/shut) then take proper measures to prevent liquid movement and liquid blocking in both cargo lines and ballast lines.
  4. When power supply is recovered by Emergency generator or S/B generator, check conditions of cargo equipment, then take such measures to handle concerned valves to prevent to rise of inner pressure of tanks.

When power supply is recovered back to normal and sufficient for cargo handling, Chief Officer shall, after checking operating condition of cargo equipment and consulting with terminal representative, resume cargo operation.


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