Action in case of Main engine failure in TSS

  • Inform master, E/R, VTS
  • Take action to manoeuvre the ship is safe place.
  • Take hand steering and go to inshore traffic zone
  • Plot vessel position.
  • Hoist NUC signal.
  • Prepare anchor party.
  • Broadcast URGENCY message.
  • Watch on VHF ch 16
  • Modify AIS status.
  • Post extra lookout.
  • Keep good watch on radar & visual.
  • Established rate of drift.
  • Obtain latest weather report.
  • Log book entry.
Search and rescue
  • Take bearing of distress message if radio direction finder fitted.
  • Re transmit distress message.
  • Maintain continuous listening watch on all distress frequencies.
  • Consult MERSAR/IAMSAR manuals.
  • Establish communications with all other surface units and SAR aircraft involved in the SAR operation.
  • Plot position, courses and speeds of other assisting units.
  • Monitox X-band radar for locating survival, craft transponder (SART) signal using 6 or 12 nautical mile range scales.
  • Post extra lookouts for sighting flares and other pyrotechnic signals.


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