Action in case of Gyro Compass failure

  1. Inform to the Master
  2. change over to  2nd gyrocompass if available, Otherwise, following procedure  to be followed. 
  3. Change over to Hand steering for steering with magnetic compass .
  4. Apply Compass deviation value to magnetic compass course with the help Deviation card  and observation,
  5. Consider effect on other navigational and communication equipment which have a gyro feed especially Radar/ ARPA and ECDIS and enter headings manually.
  6. Plot positions more frequently to confirm course made good and accordingly allow correction to course steered. In coastal waters, make good use of parallel indexing technique to keep vessel on charted track.
    Also secure True course run (Course made good) by plotting GPS position and verify with Heading of Magnetic compass.
  7. Reduce speed if considered necessary.
  8. In the meantime, to check Instruction Manual for troubleshooting guide.


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