What is use of Bulldog Clip ?

The use of bulldog grips is discouraged, and they must not be used on lifting wires or mooring wires.

  • Do not use where the rope is likely to be subjected to very strong vibrations.
  • Do not use with plastic-coated wire rope.
  • It is important that where bulldog grips are used, they are installed correctly as per the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • The ‘U’ of the grip must be placed on the dead end of the rope as illustrated, with the distance between grips being approximately six rope diameters. The minimum number of grips is dependent on the rope diameter; after being in service for several hours, the grips should be re-tightened, and re-checked for tightness periodically. Correctly fitted grips would be expected to hold at least 80% of the minimum breaking load of the rope.



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