What is requirements of sprinkler as per SOLAS ?

The sprinklers shall be resistant to corrosion by the marine atmosphere. In accommodation and service spaces the sprinklers shall come into operation within the temperature range from 68°C to 79°C, except that in locations such as drying rooms, where high ambient temperatures might be expected, the operating temperature may be increased by not more than 30°C above the maximum deckhead temperature.

A quantity of spare sprinkler heads shall be provided for all types and ratings installed on the ship as follows:

Total number of heads
Required number of spares



300 to 1000




The number of spare sprinkler heads of any type need not exceed the total number of heads installed of that type.

  • A list or plan shall be displayed at each indicating unit showing the spaces covered and the location of the zone in respect of each section. Suitable instructions for testing and maintenance shall be available.
  • An independent power pump shall be provided solely for the purpose of continuing automatically the discharge of water from the sprinklers. The pump shall be brought into action automatically by the pressure drop in the system before the standing fresh water charge in the pressure tank is completely exhausted.


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