What is regulation for Flooding Alarm System in passenger ship as per SOLAS?

  1. Ships with more then 36 passengers
  2. Watertight compartments under the bulkhead deck shell be equipped with flooding detection systems if the volume is superior to the maximum of the following values:
    • Volume [m3] > TPC1 of the ship in the maximum subdivision draught, or
    • 30 m3
  3. The flooding detection systems is composed by:
    • Sensors – that activate a sign in the presence of water
    • Alarms – that produce and audible or visible sign
  4. Must be installed
    • Vertically, as low as possible
    • Longitudinally, in compartments forward of the mid-length, at the forward extremity; in compartments aft of midships, at the aft extremity;
    • Transversely, close to the mid plan of the compartment, or in alternative, in both sides PS/SB


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