What is Manoeuvring Booklet and detail informations provided in it ?

As per IMO Resolution A601(15),  Provision and display of manoeuvring information on board (Following taken from MGN 201 (M+F) – Manoeuvring information on board ships) Applicable to all ships to which SOLAS applies 

Manoeuvring Booklet includes:
  • Should be available on board
  • Should contain comprehensive details of the ship’s manoeuvring characteristics & other relevant data
  • Should include information shown on the wheelhouse poster
  • Most of the manoeuvring information in the booklet can be estimated but some should be obtained from trials
  • The information in the booklet maybe supplemented in the course of the life of the ship
Recommended Contents:
  1. Manoeuvring characteristic in deep water
    • Course Change performance
    • Turning circles
    • Accelerating turns
    • Yaw checking tests
    • MOB & Parallel Course Manoeuvres
    • Lateral Thrust capabilities
  2. General description
    • Ship Particulars
    • Characteristics of Main Engine
  3. Stopping & speed control characteristics in deep water
    • Stopping ability
    • Deceleration performance
    • Acceleration performance
  4. Manoeuvring characteristics in shallow water
    • Turning circle
    • Squat
  5. Manoeuvring characteristics in wind
    • Wind force & moments
    • Course keeping limitations
    • Drifting under wind influence
    • Manoeuvring characteristics in low speed
  6. Additional information
Terms used in manoeuvring booklet  :

Wheel over position (W/O):- The point at which the change of course is initiated.

Advance :-   The distance which the ship has moved in the direction of the initial heading.

Transfer :-   The distance which the ship has moved perpendicular to the initial heading.

Tactical diameter Transfer :-   at 180° change of heading.





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