What is Liferaft and its lowering procedure in detail? |

What is Liferaft and its lowering procedure in detail?

A Liferaft is also one of other thing for survival, and a life saving appliances. As solas required of chapter lll of the 1974 convention. And 1983 amendments contains a mandatory training is required.

The location of life raft is in
  1. The port and starboard of 1st deck of the ship, and
  2. one in the forward
Lowering procedure :
  • Take off the safety chain

 liferaft 1


  • Unfasten the slip hook and the painter must be fasten on board

 liferaft 2

  • Madefast the painter to the ship

 liferaft 3

  • Raft is removed from cradle and thrown overboard

liferaft 4

  • When the liferaft is in the water give a sharp pull and raft will inflate, once on board cut the painter to free the raft.

liferaft 5

  • If the raft inflate upside down standup at on cylinder hull at the cord facing the wind

liferaft 6

Note :

The liferaft is fiited with a hydrostatic release mechanism. That in case did not release manually it will automatically free and inflate the raft when the ships sinks.(2 to 5m).

liferaft 7


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