What is chain locker ?

A Chain locker is simply a space set aside in the boat, usually in the bow, where the anchor rode(s), whether chain or rope, can be permanently stowed and kept separate from other gear. Although the bow is not a good place for needless weight, a proper anchor system cannot be called needless, and properly designed cruising boats have adequate bow buoyancy to support the system.The locker should be deep and narrow so that gravity can play its part in automatically “faking down” the chain or rope as the anchor is weighed.


The location of a single chain locker in the forepeak is relatively simple. It should be along the centerline, as deep as possible, but not at the expense of taking up good berthing space in the forecastle.Chain lockers should not be made too small, and they should be designed for rope or chain because there is about a 2 to I difference in volume requirements.


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