What are regulations for Foam Monitors on tankers as per SOLAS ?

Foam Monitors

  • The foam supply rate shall be not less than the larger of the following values:
    1. 6 liter/min./m2 of the protected area of the cargo tank, computed as the product of the maximum breadth by the length of the cargo zone
    2. 6 liter/min./m2 of the maximum horizontal section of an individual tank
    3. 3 liter/min./m2 of the area protected by the largest monitor, entirely forward of it, but not less than 1250 l/min.
    4. The distance from the foam monitor to the extreme point of
    5. the protected area shall not be > 75% of the monitor ranger.


  • Forward of the poop deck or of the superstructure, 2 foam monitors shall be installed, one at each side, oriented to the cargo area.


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