What are procedure of Toxic Vapour Release ? |

What are procedure of Toxic Vapour Release ?

In ALL emergencies, Captain/Chief Eng. will take control of situations as soon as possible – but initiative must be taken by other individuals where immediate action is required.
Sounding the alarm must be loud and clear – use of the General alarm and PA System is encouraged.
Any available spare person should be nominated as writer as soon as possible to prompt actions from this checklist and record events as they happen.  
1 Identify and Isolate contaminated area WHO Done Req’d by office
*RA   *WR  *DE
2 Muster Personnel, identify any missing persons CO/CE X
3 Enforce “No Smoking” rule OOW X
4 Sample atmosphere and identify type and properties of vapour CO/Designates x X
5 Assess extent of contamination (refer Material Data sheet) CO X
6 Locate source of loss and assess remedial action CO/CE X
7 Assess quantity of toxic vapour lost CO/CE X X
8 Assess precautions required CO/CE X
9 Assess operational limitations CO/CE X
10 Ventilate contaminated area CO/CE X
11 Assess structural damage if any CO/Master X X
12 Advise local P & I representative Master X X
13 Advise agent Master X X
14 Note protest Master X X
15 Enter facts in log books Master/OOW X X
16 Photographs only if camera is of the non-flash type Master/CE X X
17 Advise STASCO using Initial casualty Message Master X X
*RA:   Radio Advice *WR:     Written Report *D/E:    Documents/ Evidence


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