What are preparation and precautions prior to loading grain as per IMO ?

  • Governed by the IMO recommendations which deal in depth about stability and other requirements such as :
  • compartment must be absolutely clean and free from any odour.
  • bilges should be free and clean, particular attention being given to the strum boxes, to lime or cement wash to the bilges.
  • Burlap should be laid and nailed down over limber boards so as to prevent grain from entering the bilges or bilge wells.
  • The tanktop ceiling should be clean, dry, free from any stains and with seams properly caulked and ensure no infestation.
  • Entire compartment-bilges,limber boards, spar ceiling,battens, pipe guards, fittings should be free of infestation of any kind.
  • Ventilation system should be checked and allowed continuous flow of air over the surface of grain to remove warm air currents arising from the bulk.
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In order to reduce or eliminate the adverse heeling effect of grain shift, the following methods may he used:

  • a) Shifting Board    (F+P)
  • b) Over stowing        (F+P)
  • c) Strapping and Lashing   (F+P)
  • d) Bundling                (F)
  • e) Saucering               (F)
  • f) Feeders                   (F)

 here – (F-filled,P-partly filled)


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