What are Lashing arrangements for logs on ships as per Timber code ?

Lashing arrangements

In order to achieve a more secure stowage of logs when stowed on deck hog wires may be utilized. Such hog wire should be installed in the following manner:

  1. At approximately three quarters of the height of the stow, the hog wire should be rove through a padeye attached to the uprights at this level so as to run transversely, connecting the respective port and starboard uprights. The hog lashing wire should not be too tight when laid so that it becomes taut when overstowed with other logs.
  2. A second hog wire may be applied in a similar manner if the height of the hatch cover is less than 2 m. Such second hog wire should be installed approximately 1 m above the hatch covers.
  3. The aim of having the hog wires applied in this manner is to assist in obtaining as even a tension as possible throughout, thus producing an inboard pull on the respective uprights.
Note :

In addition to uprights and hog lashings, an arrangement with top-over and continuous wiggle lashings (wiggle wires)



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