What are indication of approaching TRS ? |

What are indication of approaching TRS ?

The signs and symptoms Of TRS/cyclone are as follows,

  1. Heavy and long swell from Cyclone center.
  2. Pressure will be very much lower than the normal. TRS becomes confirm, when barometric pressure is lower then 5 mb along with other TRS confirmation factors.
  3. Cirrus cloud will be at sky.
  4. At sunset time cloud colour will be red or copper.
  5. Clouds will be dense and heavy with threatening appearances.
  6. Frequent lighting will be experienced.
  7. Availability of storm warnings from local authority.
  8. Occurrence of squalls, which are increasing in frequency and intensity.
  9. Possibility of rain with violent torrential character.
  10. Sea waves are becoming heavy and dangerous.
  11. Shift of wind direction, in accordance with the rotation of winds of cyclonic spin.

Actions when TRS is confirmed:

  1. The probable direction and distance of the storm centre.
  2. The probable semi circle of the storm.
  3. Take avoiding actions.

Actions in TRS, at anchorage,

If possible, first try to go to sea at safe distance with plenty sea room and sufficient depth of water or shift to a safe anchorage with enough shelter.

Otherwise do the followings,

  1. Drop both anchors with several cables in water.
  2. Keep Engine standby.
  3. All persons to be onboard.
  4. Keep all LSA at standby position.
  5. Rig lifeline at fore and aft.


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