What are General Regulations regarding Stowage of Steel Coils ?

Coils should be given bottom stow and, whenever possible, be stowed in regular tiers from side to side of the ship.


Coils should be stowed on dunnage laid athwartships. Coils shouldbe stowed with their axes in the fore-and-aft direction. Each coil should be stowed against its neighbour. Wedges should be used as stoppers when necessary during loading and discharging to prevent shifting.

The final coil in each row should normally rest on the two adjacent coils. The mass of this coil will lock the other coils in the row.

coil 1

If it is necessary to load a second tier over the first, then the coils should be stowed in between the coils of the first tier

coil 2

Any void space between coils in the topmost tier should be adequately secured.


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