Checklist for navigation in Restricted Visibility |

Checklist for navigation in Restricted Visibility

This checklist is to be completed by the officer on Watch on each occasion that restricted visibility is encountered and entry made in deck log book to record compliance with this form.
Both Radar, ARPA / plotting facilities kept ON, controls like gain, tuning properly set and long range scanning carried out. All targets tracked.  Radar performance checked YES  /  NO  / NA
Vessel on hand Steering as required and Additional steering motor kept ON (where possible) YES  /  NO  / NA
Fog Signalling Apparatus kept ON and sounded at appropriate intervals YES  /  NO  / NA
Navigation Lights ON YES  /  NO  / NA
VHF ON and watch maintained on CH 16 and the local working channel, if applicable YES  /  NO  / NA
All watertight Doors closed YES  /  NO  / NA
Echo sounder ON , if in shallow waters YES  /  NO  / NA
All available navigational aids used YES  /  NO  / NA
Lookout(s) been posted in suitable position and helmsman on stand-by YES  /  NO  / NA
Manning level increased on bridge as required YES  /  NO  / NA
Master and Engine room been informed and engines put on “Standby” YES  /  NO  / NA
COLREGS being complied with, particularly with regard to rule 19 and

proceeding at a safe speed

YES  /  NO  / NA
Ship ready to reduce speed, stop or turn away from danger YES  /  NO  / NA
If the ship’s position is in doubt, has the possibility of anchoring been considered YES  /  NO  / NA
Chipping / Any work involving noise near bridge  stopped YES  /  NO  / NA
Masters additional standing instructions / night orders complied with YES  /  NO  / NA
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