Checklist for ISPS audit or security audit ?

Conducted By:            _______________________________________________________________

Date Conducted:                  _______________________________________________________________

Location Conducted: _______________________________________________________________

Master of Ship :                    _______________________________________________________________


  1. General Information

Ship Name:        _______________________________________________________________

Flag:           _______________________________________________________________

IMO #:                _______________________________________________________________

Call Sign:   _______________________________________________________________

Official #:  _______________________________________________________________

Sat Comm #:      _______________________________________________________________

Company: _______________________________________________________________

Address:             _______________________________________________________________

Phone:                _______________________________________________________________

Fax:            _______________________________________________________________

  1. Ship Physical Characteristics

Port of Registry:         _______________________________________________________________

Shipyard:  _______________________________________________________________

Year Built:          _______________________________________________________________

Hull Type: _______________________________________________________________

Class:                  _______________________________________________________________

Overall Length: _______________________________________________________________

Maximum Beam:        _______________________________________________________________

Depth:                 _______________________________________________________________

GRT:          _______________________________________________________________

NRT:          _______________________________________________________________

Summer DWT:  _______________________________________________________________



  • Ship has a designated Security Officer?                                                                   Yes/ No

Comments         _______________________________________________________________

  • Ship Security duties are assigned to: (List others)                                              Yes/ No


  • Ship has a security plan?                                                                                                 Yes/ No

Comments         _______________________________________________________________

  • Ship has general security procedure(s)                                                                      Yes/ No

Comments         _______________________________________________________________

  • Ship receives security guidance from and coordinates with the company? Yes/ No

Comments         _______________________________________________________________

  • Ship coordinates security with ports of call?                                                         Yes/ No

Comments         _______________________________________________________________

  • Ship coordinates security with facilities ?                                                               Yes/ No

Comments         _______________________________________________________________

  • Ship has predetermined security levels ?                                                                 Yes/ No

Comments         _______________________________________________________________

  •   Ship has a procedure for reporting security incidents?                                     Yes/ No

Comments         _______________________________________________________________

  • Ship personnel with assigned security duties receive training in those responsibilities as follows:

          Security Officer  ?                                            Yes / No

          Duty Officer?                                                     Yes / No

          Watch Stander?                                                 Yes / No

          Security Lookout(s)                                         Yes / No

          Security Patrol(s)                                             Yes / No

          Others (specify)? __________________________Yes / No

Comments         _______________________________________________________________

  • Security training is documented? Yes/ No

Comments         _______________________________________________________________

  • Ship conducts security exercises? Yes/ No

Comments         _______________________________________________________________

  • Security exercises are documented? Yes/ No

Frequency of exercises  __________________________________________________________

Comments         _______________________________________________________________

  • Ship incidents are documented? Yes/ No

Comments         _______________________________________________________________

  • The ship has existing security contracts with private security Companies to provide ship / waterside security services. Yes/ No

Comments         _______________________________________________________________

  • List existing security and safety equipment for protection of passengers and crew (access control systems, security doors, barriers, surveillance etc.)



  1. Ensuring the Performance of Ship Security Duties
  • The ship has procedures for establishing communications with the

Port and facility for security purposes?                                                                        Yes/ No

Comments     _______________________________________________________________

  • The ship has procedures briefing the ship’s officers and crew when arriving

In port regarding threats, security level and required   measures ?                    Yes/ No

Comments     _______________________________________________________________

  • The ship has procedures for update briefings when the security level changes, New information is received or security measures are changed ?               Yes/ No

Comments     _______________________________________________________________

  1. Designation and Monitoring of Restricted Areas

Restricted areas are spaces that are essential to the operation, control, or safety of the ship for which access must be limited to authorised personnel only.

  • Are the areas designated as RESTRICTED AREAS and Vunerable Areas in the SSP marked ?                                                                                                          Yes/ No
  • Additional areas have been designated as Restricted Acess       Yes/ No

(If yes ,list) Comments _________________________________________________________

  • Access to restricted areas is controlled by:

Doors and cabinets are locked or secured by cable ties at all times?                        Yes / No

Crew members ensure that doors and cabinets for Restricted Areas remain locked when not manned?

Unsecured doors and cabinets for restricted areas are reported to the to the Watch Stander ?

Special security doors or barriers are installed?                                       Yes / No / NA

Comments     _______________________________________________________________


Doors in escape routes which are locked to restrict access must be capable of being operated without keys from the direction for which escape is required.

  • At increased security levels, the ship has plans to implement
  • the following additional security measures:

Initiate roving Security Patrols for specific areas and at set  frequencies?               

Posting personnel as guards at the entrance to critical restricted areas? 

Providing radios to Security patrols and guards, and requesting

them to check-in with the Watch Stander at periodic intervals?                              Yes / No

Comments     _______________________________________________________________

  1. Access Control Measures

Access points to the ship may include ladders, gangways, side ports, adjacent piers and aprons. Additional access points may be present depending on the port and facility.

  • To control access to the ship, the following security measures are normally taken:

The number of access points are minimized?                                              Yes / No

Access points that are not in use or required are secured (e.g. side ports  closed, ladders locked or removed)?                                                                              Yes / No

Access points in use are continuously manned by designated  Crew members or a qualified contract guard service?                                                                   Yes / No

Weather-deck access vents, storage lockers, and doors to normally unmanned  spaces (such as storerooms, auxiliary machinery rooms etc.) are locked or precautions taken to prevent unauthorised access?

Comments         _______________________________________________________________

  • At increased security levels, the ship has plans to implement the following additional security measures :-

                 Limit ship access to a minimum of access points ?                                       Yes / No

                 Limit ship access to a single access point ?                                                      Yes / No

                 Post additional personnel at access points?                                                  Yes / No    

                 Coordinate with the waterfront facility to extend access control beyond the immediate area of the ship?

Comments     _______________________________________________________________

Key control exists as per SSP                                                                       Yes / No

Lost Key procedures exist                                                                              Yes / No

  1. Monitoring Deck and Surrounding Areas
  • Ship crew duties include routine monitoring for security?           Yes / No

Comments         _______________________________________________________________

  • Ship has designated Security Lookout(s)                                           Yes / No

Comments         _______________________________________________________________

  • Ship has designated Security Patrol(s)                                               Yes / No

Comments         _______________________________________________________________

  • Ship coordinates with facilities for monitoring dock areas ?      Yes / No

Comments         _______________________________________________________________

  • Ship corodinates with port for monitoring waterside areas?      Yes / No

Comments         _______________________________________________________________

  • Ship has standard operating procedures for Security Lookouts and Patrols?                                                                                                                                      Yes / No
  • Security Lookouts and Patrols are trained in their duties      Yes / No

Comments         _______________________________________________________________

  • At increased security levels, the ship has plans to implement the following additional security measures                                                                                       Yes / No

Increase the number and frequency of security Lookouts Or security patrols to ensure continuous monitoring?                                                                                                             Yes / No

Post guards at all entrances to restricted areas?                                                            Yes / No

Search all restricted areas on a periodic basis for security breaches?                  Yes / No

Request waterside boat patrols at frequent intervals?                                                 Yes / No

Arrange for divers to inspect the underwater pier structuresand hull, as deemed necessary?                                              

Comments     _______________________________________________________________

  • The ship is equipped with adequate lighting for the following areas:

All deck areas ?                                                                Yes / No

All access points?                                                            Yes / No

All restricted areas?                                                       Yes / No

Cargo handling areas?                                                   Yes / No

Dock areas around the ship?                                        Yes / No

Waterside areas around the ship?                             Yes / No

Comments     _______________________________________________________________

  • The ship coordinates additional lighting with the facility or port ?  

Comments     _______________________________________________________________

  • At increased security levels, the ship has plans to implement the following additional security measures.

           Turning on all available lighting?                                                       Yes/ No

  • Using spotlights and floodlights to enhance visibility of the deck and areas surrounding the ship?                 Yes / No
  • Using lighting to enhance visibility of the surrounding water and waterline?    Yes / No     
  • Using maximum lighting consistent with safe navigation when underway  in areas of potential threat?                                                             Yes / No
  1. Controlling Embarkation of Personnel and Property
  • The ship has an identification and visitor control system ?  Yes / No

Control of embarking personnel and their personal property is maintained by the ship through the following procedures:

The reason personnel are requesting to board the ship is verified using work orders, Delivery documents, or other means?                                                      

The identify of the person requesting to board the ship is verified by use of a government  issues photo identification, such as a passport, driver’s license, identification card, government ID, or other similar means?       

  • Arriving crew are verified as authorized to serve aboard the ship?                                
  • Access is denied to any person refusing to submit to security verification   at point of access?                 
  • Each person denied entry for refusing is identified and reported to appropriate authorities?               
  • All persons are required to sign a register as they embark and disembark the ship?                               
  • All persons are issued a security badge to be worn at all times while aboard and returned at the time of disembarkation?                                                                                    
  • A security briefing is given to all newly boarded crewmembers on any specific threats, security awareness, compliance with all security measures in effect and reporting procedures for suspicious persons, objects and activities?            

Comments         _______________________________________________________________

  • At increased levels of security, the ship has plans to implement the following additional security measures

Limit persons permitted onboard to essential personnel & Government agents ?                                                Yes / No

Escort service providers at all times while onboard?                              

Suspend all access to the ship ?                                       

Evacuate the ship?             

  • The ship has written policy prohibiting weapons, explosives and incendiaries from being brought onboard?
  • The following signs are posted at all access points:

Notice: All weapons are prohibited aboard the ship” ?                                                                “Notice: Boarding this ship is deemed valid consent to inspect

         vehicles , persons, articles and effects.  Refusal of inspection                            Yes / No

         will result in denied boarding and report to authorities?

  • Control of personal property is maintained by the following procedures:
  • Inspect all accompanied baggage to be put abroad the ship?
  • Randomly inspect persons, baggage, carry-on items and personal gear for prohibited weapons, incendiaries and explosives ?                   
  • Persons found with weapons in their possession may be refused permission to board, or the Master may confiscate the weapon and place it in a secure area under lock during the voyage and return it upon  disembarkation?
  • Designate persons to inspect baggage, carry-on items and personal gear?
  • Access to and from these areas will be controlled to segregate inspected persons and articles from un-inspected persons and articles?



  • Where is unaccompanied baggage stored:


  • At increased levels of security, the ship has plans to implement the following additional security measures:

Increase the level of random inspections from 25% to 100%,           

  • Depending on the nature of thethreat?
  • Refuse to bring aboard any unaccompanied baggage?
  • Assign personnel to guard designated inspection areas
  • Access is denied to any person refusing to, submit to inspection at a point of access?  
  • Each person denied entry for refusing is identified and reported to appropriate authorities?
  • The ship has a Crewmember Security Plan to detain crewmembers onboard when required?
  1. Supervising the Handling of Cargo and Ship Stores
  • The ship has procedures to secure cargo handling and loading of ship stores.
  • The ship uses the following procedures to secure cargo handling and loading of ship stores.

Maintain a record of any dangerous goods or hazardous substances carried onboard, including an inventory and their  location?

 Randomly verify approximately 5-20% of the non-containerized cargo against the manifest?

Verify all loaded container identification numbers against the manifest?

Randomly verify approximately 5-20% of the empty container identification numbers against the manifest?

Randomly inspect approximately 5-20% of the ship stores and provisions?

Ensure that ship’s stores received to be loaded match ship’s stores that were   Ordered?


  • Verification and inspection of cargo and ship’s stores is accomplished by:

Visual and physical examination for evidence of tampering with cargo containers or container seals?

Using scanning/detection equipment, mechanical devices, or canines?                    

 Coordinating with the shipper or other responsible party through an established agreement and procedures?                                                        

  • At increased levels of security, the ship has plans to implement the following additional security measures.
  • Increase the amount of non-containerized cargo, empty containers and ship stores inspected from 25% to 100% depending on the nature of the threat?             
  • Request government inspection of suspicious cargo or containers?
  • Suspension of cargo handling operations and the loading of Ship’s  stores in cases of the most severe threats?                                     Yes / No
  1. Ensuring Port-Specific Security Communication

The ship normally ensures that means of communication to report acts threatening the security of the ship are:  

  • Maintained and operable?                                               
  • Readily available?  
  • Able to communicate within the ship, to the waterfront facility, and with appropriate law enforcement personnel?
  • Able to relay essential information related to the nature and extent  of the threat?                                             
  • At increased levels of security, the ship has plans to implement the following additional security measures:

Perform regular communications checks?                                                                                    Provide a back-up means of communication’?                                            

  1. Emergency Response Procedures

Ship has specific security emergency procedures in SSP and shipboard training takes these into account                                       

  1. Records
  • Records are maintained as per SSP            
  1. Training, drills and exercises;  
  2. Reports of security threats and incidents;  
  3. Reports of breaches of security;  
  4. Changes in security level;  
  5. Maintenance, calibration and testing of security equipment / ship security alarms;  
  6. Communication relating to the direct security of the ship. such as specific threats to the ship;

Information provided to Contracting Governments as per Solas X1-2 chapter 9.2.1 of last 10 calls at port facilities;                        

  • Internal audits and reviews of security activities
  • Periodic review of ship security assessment
  • Periodic review of ship security plan; and
  • Record of Security patrols 


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