Checklist for helicopter operations ? |

Checklist for helicopter operations ?

In ALL emergencies, Captain/Chief Eng. will take control of situations as soon as possible – but initiative must be taken by other individuals where immediate action is required.
Sounding the alarm must be loud and clear – use of the General alarm and PA System is encouraged.
Any available spare person should be nominated as writer as soon as possible to prompt actions from this checklist and record events as they happen.  

Also refer to ICS Guide To helicopter/Ship Operations Book

Composition of various parties as per Bridge Information Book Helicopter Operations





01 Provide Helicopter company & pilot with details of vessels construction, landing/winching areas, obstructions, course speed etc OOW/Master X X
02 Agree procedures with pilot Master X X X
03 Hoist Answering pennant on light mast. At night shine a light on it H/Party.OIC Cfm X X
04 Ships railing dropped down CO X
05 Tank pressure reduced to less than 500 mmwg CO X
06 Flashing red light available for use if found necessary to cease operation OIC Heli Party.OOW Cfm.
07 Helicopter party standing by with portable extinguishers,BA&Flame suits,Fire hoses,Resuscitator ,wire cutters,hammer,crowbar etc OIC Heli Party.OOW Cfm X X
08 Boat party standing by in case helicopter has to ditch OIC Boat party.OOW Cfm X
09 Foam station to be manned and in readiness for use if Chopper crashes and flame erupts. Chief Eng /OOW to cfm. X X
10 Fire line pressurised with anchor hydrants open OIC Heli party/OOW cfm X
11 E/R manned,Engines in readiness OOW X X X
12 Note location of operation OOW X X X
13 Complete ICS Guide check list for Heli Ops OOW X
14 Note reason for use of helicopter Master X X X
15 Prepare deviation statement Master X X
16 Note time resumed passage OOW X X X
17 Enter facts in Log Book OOW X X
*RA  :   Radio Advice *WR :  Written Report *D/E :  Documents/ Evidence


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