Why do we need effective international standards for seafarers’ conditions of work?

In ships flying the flags of countries that do not exercise effective jurisdiction and control over them, as required by international law, seafarers often have to work under unacceptable conditions, to the detriment of their well-being, health and safety and the safety of the ships on which they work.Since seafarers’ working lives are spent outside the home country and their employers are also often not based in their country, effective international standards are necessary for this sector.

Of course these standards must also be implemented at a national level, particularly by governments that have a ship registry and authorize ships to fly their countries’ flags.This is already well recognized in connection with ensuring the safety and security of ships and protecting the marine environment.It is also important to understand that there are many flag States and shipowners that take pride in providing the seafarers on their ships with decent conditions of work.These countries and shipowners face unfair competition in that they pay the price of being undercut by shipowners which operate substandard ships.