What is Tropical Revolving Storms?

A tropical revolving storm is a small area of very low pressure, around which winds of gale force (34knots or force 8) or more blow spirally inwards, anticlockwise in the northern hemisphere (NH) and clockwise in southern hemisphere (SH).

Local Names and Seasons

 North Atlantic
Western Side Hurricane June To November
Eastern Side  Do Not Occur  
 South Atlantic
 Do Not Occur
North Pacific
 Western Side Typhoon or Baguious All the year around. Worst Period Is From June- Nov.
 Eastern Side  Hurricane Or Cordonazo  June-Nov.
South Pacific
 Western Side  Hurricane  Dec.- April
 Eastern Side Do Not Occur  
  Indian Ocean  
 Western Side  Cyclone  Dec.- April
Eastern Side  Willy-Willy  Dec.- April
Bay of Bengal Cyclone May to Dec
Worst months are May, October, November and December
 Arabian Sea  Cyclone  Mid April to Mid June, October & November.
Worst Months are May, October & November