What is Stowage and Embarkation Arrangements of Survival Craft in Passenger Ships ?

Survival craft stowage and embarkation arrangements

(1) On every passenger ship, survival craft embarkation arrangements shall be provided for : 

  1. Boarding and launching of the lifeboats either directly from the stowed position or from embarkation deck but not from both ; and 
  2. Boarding and launching of liferafts from a position immediately adjacent to the stowed position or from a position to which the liferaft is transferred prior to launching . 

(2) On every passenger ship embarkation arrangements for rescue boats shall be such that the rescue boat can be boarded and launched directly from the stowed position with the number of persons assigned as crew of the rescue boat. 

(3) Notwithstanding anything contained in sub-rule (1), if the rescue boat is also a lifeboat and the other lifeboats are boarded and launched from an embarkation deck the arrangements shall be such that the rescue boat can also be boarded and launched form the embarkation deck. 

(4) On every passenger ship all survival crafts, required to provide for abandonment by the total number of persons the ship is certified to carry, shall be capable for being launched with their complement of persons and equipment within a period of 30 minutes from the time the abandon ship signal is given. 

You may also know about muster stations of passenger ships :

(1) Every passenger ship shall provide passenger muster station for passengers – 

  1. In the vicinity of the embarkation station and unless the embarkation and the muster stations are in the same location, with ready access for the passengers to such muster station, and 
  2. With ample room for marshalling and instructing the passengers. 

(2) At every such muster station and other passenger spaces and cabin, illustrations and instruction, at least in Hindi and English and other appropriate language, shall be conspicuously posted to inform the passengers of –

  1. Their muster stations, 
  2. The essential action they must take in an emergency; and 
  3. Method of donning the lifejacket. 


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