What is Segregated Ballast Tanks?

The Segregated Ballast System should be a system which is ‘‘completely separated from the cargo oil and fuel systems’’ as required by regulation . Nevertheless, provision may be made for emergency discharge of the segregated ballast by means of a connection to a cargo pump through a portable spool piece. In this case non-return valves should be fitted on the segregated ballast connections to prevent the passage of oil to the segregated ballast tanks. The portable spool piece should be mounted in a conspicuous position in the pump-room and a permanent notice restricting its use should be prominently displayed adjacent to it.
Sliding type couplings should not be used for expansion purposes where lines for cargo oil or fuel oil pass through tanks for segregated ballast, and where lines for segregated ballast pass through cargo oil or fuel oil tanks. This interpretation is applicable to ships, the keel of which is laid, or which are at a similar stage of construction, on or after 1 July 1992.