What is responsibility of contracting government as per ISPS code?

Contracting Governments shall set security levels and provide guidance for protection from security incidents. Higher security levels indicate greater likelihood of occurrence of a security incident. Factors to be considered in setting the appropriate security level include:

  1.  the degree that the threat information is credible;
  2. The degree that the threat information is corroborated;
  3. the degree that the threat information is specific or imminent; and
  4. the potential consequences of such a security incident

Contracting Governments, when they set security leveL3 shall issue, as necessary, appropriate instructions and shall provide security-related information to the ships and port facilities that may be affected. Contracting Governments shall determine when a Declaration of Security is required by assessing the risk the ship/port interface or ship-to ship activity poses to persons, property or the environment.