What is Purpose SEEMP or Ships Energy Efficiency Management Plan ?

The main purpose of the SEEMP is to establish a mechanism for the company and/or a ship to improve the energy efficiency of ship operation.

Shipboard Energy Efficiency Management Plan

         The SEEMP is a management document intended to improve energy efficiency onboard ship through the improvement of ship operations (slowing down speed, route planning with taking sea & current condition in account, proper maintenance etc.)

SEEMP has a 4 step cycle-
  1. Planning
  2. Implementation.
  3. Monitoring
  4. Self evaluation & improvement

On 1st Jan, 2014 The United states Carribbean Sea Emission Control area (Sox, Nox, PM) came into effect under MARPOL annex VI on 1st Jan, 2014, bringing in stricter controls on emissions of Sulphar oxide (Sox) Nitrogen Oxide (Nox) and Particulate Matter (PM) for ships trading in certain waters adjacent to the coasts of Puerto Rice & the United states virgin islands.