What is purpose of SOPEP ?

The purpose of the Plan is to provide guidance to the Master and officers on board the ship with respect to the steps to be taken when an oil pollution incident has occurred or is likely to occur. The appendices contain communication data of all contacts referenced in the Plan, as well as other reference material.

The Plan contains all information and operational instructions as required by the “Guidelines for the development of the Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plan” as developed by the Organization (IMO), published under MEPC.54(32) and amended by MEPC.86(44).

Further, the purpose of the Plan is to provide the Master, officers and certain crew members with a practical guide to the prevention of oil spills and in carrying out the responsibilities associated with regulation 37 of Annex I to MARPOL 73/ 78

  • procedures to report an oil pollution incident
  • Coastal State contacts (Focal Points) and Port Contact Lists to be contacted in the event of an oil pollution incident
  • response actions to reduce or control the discharge of oil following an incident
  • co-ordination with national and local Authorities in combating oil pollution.