1. Use, purpose, relation to shore based plan.
  2. Reporting requirements – when (position / time) – info required – sample of reports forms provided – who (coastal state / port auth. / Vessels owners, reps., charterers, agents etc.) 
  3. Steps to control discharge Operational spill – pipe leak, hull leak & Tank o/flow Spill due to casualty – grounding, collision, fire / explosion, hull failure, excess list and trim (checklist to be provided for each, at least 1 drill every month. Info for damage stab. + damage longitudinal stress assessment to be provided.) National + local co-ordination – assist master to initiate action by coastal state, local govt., interested parties, if no action to help master to organise response. Addition information. Information not required by MARPOL but maybe by some coastal state to be kept updated by owners to contain planned review procedure, training and drill, record keeping, public affair policy of company.