What are regulations for Marking. Labeling & Placarding of dangerous goods?

Marking. Labeling & Placarding:

  1. Correct technical name is to be durably marked. Not trade or local name alone.
  2. Packages are to be provided with distinctive labels
  3. Stencils of the labels or placards to make clear the dangerous properties of the goods
  4. The information provided by labels or placards are to be identifiable on packages surviving at least three months immersion in the sea.
  5. Packages containing dangerous goods of a low hazard. Or packed in limited quantities or if stowed & handled in units that are identified by labels or placards are exempted from the requirements of this regulation
  6. Standard sizes are:
    • Dangerous good label on container carrying dangerous good.
    • Small label over packages from 100 x 100 mm to 150 x 150 mm
    • Radioactive 250 x 250 mm
    • Standard size of label on container 200 x 200 m