What is pivot point of vessel ?

  1. A  ship’s  pivot  point  is  a  point  on  the  centerline  about  which  the ship  turns  when  the  rudder  is  put  over.  The pivot point describes the ship’s  turning  circle.
  2.  A  ship’s  pivot  point  is  nearly  always  located  about  one
  3. Third  ship’s  length  from  her  bow  when  moving  ahead,  
  4. and  at  or  near  her stern  when  moving  astern.  The location of the  pivot  point  will vary  with  ship’s  speed  . An  increase  in  speed  will  shift  the  pivot point  in  the  direction  of  the  ship’s  movement
  5.  The pivot point is generally at 1/3 ship’s length from the bow when the ship is moving ahead, and between ¼ ship’s length from the stern and the rudder post when going astern.
  6. But if a powerful and effective lateral force is applied at one end of the vessel, the position of the pivot point will shift at about 1/3rd ship’s length from the other end of the ship (relative to the applied force)