What is pilot ladder?

  1. A single length of ladder should be used.
  2. Whenever the distance to the waterline exceeds 9m then a combination ladder to be used in conjunction with a pilot ladder.
  3. Treads of the ladder must be made of hard wood (ash, oak, elm, or teak).
  4. Steps (must remain horizontal at all times)-
    • Dimensions- not less than 48Omm x 115mm x 25mm.
    • Spacing- not less than 300mm and nor more than 380mm apart.
  5. Four lower steps to be constructed of rubber.
  6. Side ropes consist of manila rope 18mm in diameter.
  7. Manropes of diameter not less than 20mm in diameter.
  8. Spreaders-
    • Dimensions- 1800mm – 2000mm in length.
    • They must be so fixed so that the lowest spreader comes no lower than the 5th step from the bottom.
    • Intervals between spreaders not to exceed 9 steps.
  9. The bulwark ladder must be well secured to the bulwark.
    • Stanchion spacing- 700 – 800mm.
    • Stanchion- not to extend more than 1200mm above bulwark.