What is Ocean Passages Of The World (NP – 136)?

  1. The hydrographer of the navy publishes it.
  2. It is used in planning deep sea voyages.
  3. Contains notes on meteorological factors affecting the passage.
  4. Guides a mariner to follow the best passage in a particular month through a particular stretch.
  5. It is a unique admiralty publication, in which sailing vessels are dealt with seperately.
  6. In passage planning both the asd and opw. Are valuable publications to refer to.
  7. While asd is generally required for coastal navigation the opw. Is required for ocean navigation.
  8. It is divided into 4 parts:

PART 1: Power Driven Vessels, Chapter 1 To 8.
 Wind, Weather, Swell, current, Ice routes

PART 2: Sailing Vessels, Chapter 9 To 11.

PART 3: A Comprehensive General Index.

PART 4: Charts And Diagrammes.