What is meaning of security level 3?

At security level 3, the ship should comply with the instructions issued by those responding to the security incident or threat thereof. The SSP should detail the security measures which could be taken by the ship, in close co-operation with those responding and the port facility, which may include:

  1. Limiting access to a single, controlled, access point;
  2. Granting access only to those responding to the security incident or threat thereof;
  3. Directing persons on board;
  4. Suspension of embarkation or disembarkation;
  5. Suspension of cargo handling operations, deliveries, etc.;
  6. Evacuation of the ship;
  7. Movement of the ship; and
  8. Preparing for a full or partial search of the ship.
  1. Subjecting such baggage to more extensive screening, for example x-raying it from at least two different angles;
  2. Preparation for restriction or suspension of handling of unaccompanied baggage; and
  3. Refusal to accept unaccompanied baggage on board the ship.