What is meaning of Notice of Readiness or NOR ?

“Notice of Readiness” is the official confirmation that the vessel is in every respect ready to load or discharge. It is commercially important to laytime and demurrage calculations that the Master tenders NOR at the earliest possible time, if some fixed time is not specified, in accordance with the charter party. The stated time of NOR should be the time of arrival at the normal pilot boarding place or outside anchorage. If the vessel has to wait outside the Master shall immediately tender NOR by fax or telex and shall present the printed form after berthing. NOR shall be tendered at all loading ports and at all discharging ports.

The NOR shall be addressed to the Shippers in the loading port and to the Receivers in the discharging port. The Agent will either convey the NOR to the Shippers/Receivers for signature, or he will sign on their behalf. If Shippers/Receivers/Agents unduly delay signing the NOR the Master shall protest in writing, either in the NOR document or separately. If, for any reason, the NOR validity is disputed the Master shall immediately draw up a new NOR, containing the remark “without prejudice to original NOR dated….”.