What is maximum the carrying capacity of the lifeboat as per SOLAS?

No lifeboat shall be approved to carry more than 150 person (LSA CODE, CHAPTER 3, REG 4.4.2)


According to LSA Code, Chapter 3, Reg.

Each lifeboat shall be provided with a certificate of approval, endorsed by the administration containing atleast following items:

  • no. of persons approved to carry
  • Manufacturer’s name and address
  • Lifeboat Model & serial number.
  • Month and year of manufacture

The certifying organization shall provide the lifeboat with a certificate of approval which, in addition to the above items, specifies:

  • number of the certificate of approval;
  • material of hull construction, in such detail as to ensure that compatibility problems in repair should not occur;
  • total mass fully equipped and fully manned;
  • statement of approval.

Moreover, the size, number and the capacity of the lifeboat for a merchant vessel is decided by the type of the ship and maximum number of ship’s crew.